Lady M® Frozen Signature Mille Crêpes

Our signature Lady M Mille Crêpes made frozen, the coolest souvenir in town to your flights. All frozen cakes are packed with a dry ice packet and in a sturdy insulation bag, good for both long-hauls and shorter trips. 1. Storage: If the frozen cake is not for immediate consumption upon arrival, please keep it frozen in freezer at -18 °C or below after dispatching the dry ice pack with care. Please consume the cake by the date indicated on the Best Before Date label on the packaging.
2. Defrost: To defrost, please remove dry ice and keep in refrigerator at 1-5°C for a minimum of 10 hours. The length of defrosting time may vary due to the temperature of your refrigerator. Once defrosted, the cake should be consumed within 48 hours. Please keep defrosted cakes in refrigerator when not consuming. Please do not re-freeze an already defrosted cake. Frozen cake is available at Hong Kong International Airport Boutique only.

  • $820 – 9 inches

This price is applicable for online pre-order only.

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